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Find yours and keep your hands free and your phone always with you when you need it the most. Our corded cases are a convenient solution that is perfect for work, travel, festivals or everyday life. 



You no longer have to look for a phone in your pockets or purse. No more broken windows or leaving your phone in places it shouldn’t even be.

For those still traveling to their daily posts, gift a sleek, hands-free phone sling from the Warsaw-based brand Balans.



Creating a new e-commerce platform. The aim was to give a new breath to the brand using a modern yet elegant layout teamed with the latest tools that a modern market would require. We made it easy for Balans to manage their marketing campaigns integrating with MailChimp for newsletter,  synching the product catalog for Facebook Shop.

Payments made simple using Stripe payment gateway as well as local P24 that allows BLIK mobile transactions. Other functionalities include the Wishlist, Account page, Order tracking and customised secured checkout page. Finally, a Cart recovery system was put in place in case a customer abandoned the checkout process, he would be notified by mail 30min later with a link to continue where he left off.



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When you’ve just started your store there is one thing you should be focused on: getting customers. At this point your acquisition efforts should completely trump retention. Focus on strategies and tactics that will help you grow your customer base.

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Avg Weekly visits

Traffic, specifically number of visits, is a fundamental measurement of site reach and growth. It’s helpful at gauging how well your marketing efforts are working, and helps to give a great overall snapshot of site performance. You spend all this time figuring out how to get traffic to your website, but the key is to make sure it’s the right traffic.

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Page Growth

Timing is everything in the digital world. The digital marketing strategy implemented to generate 100 visitors a day will likely need to change in order to transition from 1,000 visitors a week to 10,000 visitors a week

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