GOAT Gamez

Ludovic Verbeeck


Goat Gamez create games that present the emotions of the world of football from a completely different perspective than before. Stadium management, a football match from the organizational side, decisions that so far have been made only by referees or football agents, all of these will be experienced by our players soon. Football is definitely more than 22 players, a ball and two goals.


The best footballer in the world, eight-time German champion, winner of the Champions League and World Club Championships, captain and the best scorer in the history of the Polish national team. Co-founder and shareholder of GOAT GAMEZ. Just GOAT.

About the Brand

A Polish company founded in 2016 by Mateusz Wcześniak, a game fan with experience in the financial sector, supported by Aleksy Uchański, for almost three decades associated with the computer games industry and media, and Maciej Miąsik, a legend of Polish gaming, developer with 27 years of experience. Currently, the company employs several dozen people who work on several dozen productions. Development teams operate in offices in the Mazowieckie, Wielkopolskie, Zachodniopomorskie, Małopolskie and Śląsk provinces.


Creating a web platform based on new branding made by the talented Mariusz Lewczyk. The aim was to give the Video Game studio a modern yet elegant layout teamed with the latest tools that a modern market would require. From the parallax effects, on scroll functionality, contact and job offer section, we made it clear for Game Devs that GOAT GAMEZ has everything for them.



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