The Shungite and how it helped my dog

It acts as a depolluent in the body and helps in the restoration of natural biological functions. It restores, in a way, the parameters favorable to biological life and Health.

The Shungite is native to the North of Russia, more exactly from the Republic of Karelia, near the lake Onega. The name of “Shungite”, it comes quite simply from the neighboring locality of Shunga.

From the point of view of chemical analysis, Shungite presents two absolutely unique aspects, which leave the scientific world perplexed and which would explain its astonishing properties:

The presence of fullerenes, Shungite is the only material, in its natural state, on Earth, to contain fullerenes, particular forms of existence of carbon recently discovered.

The presence of a very large number of elements necessary for the development of life. However, the two very dominant elements in quantity (more than 90%) are carbon and silicon; from their combination probably comes the range of properties of Shungite.

In Russia, the beneficial effects of Shungite on Health have been known for a long time.

In the light of scientific studies over the past three decades, it appears that fullerenes have a depolluting effect, both from water (heavy metals, chlorinated derivatives, nitrates, pesticides, etc.) and from air, polluted by waves. electromagnetic that generate computers, wifi, cordless telephones, GSM, relay antennas, radars…

The presence of silicon (SiO2) in Shungite would have a stimulating effect on cellular activity, which would be supplemented by all the other elements necessary for the life of the cell.

In protection against electromagnetic waves from the environment, or for an anchoring and energy stabilization effect, we recommend Shungite in different forms:

in polished pebble of 4-5cm (2-3cm for crystallized Shungite), carried in the pocket.

as a pendant or necklace worn at the level of the thymus or thyroid. They are indicated if you work often at the computer.

pyramids and spheres are ideal in the office or in the home, when there are several sources of pollution combined (computer, wifi, cordless telephone, etc.): the ideal is a dimension of at least 7 to 9 cm , for more efficiency!

the plates (10x10cm) are sufficient to make a screen when there is only one source of pollution: computer, for example. They can also be placed on the body in relaxation.

self-adhesive tablets for mobile phones; the discs to be fixed on various polluting devices (laptop, microwave oven, etc.).

the small spheres (in pairs, about 4cm) can be held in the hands for 10 to 15 min. for an energy rebalancing.

And the crude sachets, to prepare Shungite water to drink, discontinuously, preferably in the form of cures.

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