How to Hide/Disable Header and Footer in Elementor


Today I will show you how to hide or disable the header and footer on elementor in 2020.

You may have seen the Header and Footer over a page/post that squashes the beauty of the page you designed using Elementor Theme Builder. Some themes already come up with an option to hide Header and Footer within the theme Settings Panel or per page or per post. If your theme doesn’t support it don’t worry, this article is just to help you out.

About Elementor Plugin

Elementor plugin is one of the top website page builder plugin available within repository with around 2 million+ active installations.

Note: The option to hide header and footer is available on both free and premium version of Elementor plugin. If you have any issue, please comment below and I will help!

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Steps to Hide Header and Footer on Elementor

Edit the Page/Post that you would like to hide header and Footer

  1. Within the right side, you can notice a dropdown option to select the Page Attributes or Post Attributes
  2. From the dropdown select Elementor Canvas and Update the Page or Post that your viewing.
  3. That’s it, now theme’s default header and footer are removed automatically and the page that you designed with Elementor will be shown in full view by removing header and footer.

Elementor Canvas option within Page Attributes

The template section has two other templates by Elementor, sometimes you can notice more than that from the dropdown which is mostly added by your current theme. The first one will be the default template, then Elementor Canvas and Elementor Full width. At present, Elementor Canvas theme is the only one that hides the header and footer.

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If you Found this article interesting or Need help, please comment below…

Cheers! Ludovic


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  1. 3 December 2020 - Reply

    Hey! you ! yes you 🙂

    If you have a question please ask in the comment section and i will revert back as soon as I can.

  2. 22 February 2021 - Reply

    As Elementor is the worst Editor of all editors (for real programmers), why the f*ck is it disabling the header of original theme, after deaktivatin the header template? Even on Page Attributes set to default, the header is lost.
    Why is this crap editor still in use by so many amateur-webdesigners? After deactivation, it deletes everything. Even theme-based things.
    It’s the bullshit of a mess of a page-builder.

    • 22 February 2021 - Reply

      @Daniel Wom

      Hi Daniel! The header is only available on elementor pro.

      Check your page template – if it set to ‘canvas’ it will disregard the theme header and footer

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