How to import Adobe Illustrator file to Figma

Handle Illustrator files

If you don’t have Illustrator on your machine and thus can’t copy/paste the layers, don’t fret: you can still import .ai files into Sketch.

Use Sketch as the middleman

As others have mentioned, you can import pdf files with pretty decent layer support into Sketch just by drag and dropping. What you might not know is that .ai files are basically pdf files. You can go ahead and rename the file to change the extension from .ai to .pdf. You might want to backup your Illustrator file for extra safety, though nothing should go wrong just by changing the extension.

Then just drop your new pdf file onto Sketch and check that everything is imported correctly.

Importing into Figma

Once your Sketch project is saved, just go ahead and drag it into your Figma dashboard.

Et voila!

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